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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

APA Convention - Society for General Psychology

As I mentioned in a prior post, while I'm not a big fan of the main APA convention, I am a big fan of the APA Shadow Convention (© Charles 2012). This year I am in charge of the hospitality suite run by The Society for General Psychology (APA Division 1). We are co-hosting a number of events with The Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology (Division 24) and The Society for the History of Psychology (Division 26). It is a pretty fun program, with some experiments thrown in (Post-symposium discussions, a Speed Scholars Event, etc.) as well as a lot of social activities. There is also the two-hour "Unifying Psychology" Lunch I mentioned in the last post, featuring several authors from this month's special issue. I'll do my best to get the program cut and pasted below. Hope to see some of you in Hawaii!

Hospitality Suite Programing
Tapa Tower – Honolulu Hilton

General Guidelines for the Suite:
·         Events are open to any conference attendees with an interest in the programming. We particularly welcome those considering membership in one of the participating divisions.
·         Authors of recent books are encouraged to place a copy on display in the suite, and to be available for discussion during the award ceremony and reception on Saturday.
·         The suite will generally be open from 10 am until 9 pm.

Wednesday, July 31st
4-8 pm – Welcome reception. Sponsored by Divisions 1, 24, & 26 (Hosts, Wade Pickerin, Blaine Fowers, & Alexandra Rutherford)

Thursday, August 1st
10 – 11 am – Early Career and Graduate Student Meet-up. (Host, Eric Charles)

11 am – 12 pm – Meet the Editors reception. Editors of several psychology journals will be present to answer questions. (Host, Eric Charles; Discussants, Thomas Teo – Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology, Wade Pickren – History of Psychology, Douglas Candland – Review of General Psychology, and others)

12 – 2 pm – Division 24 Business Meeting. This meeting is open to anyone interested in hearing about and participating in Division 24 business. (Host, Blaine Fowers)

2 – 4 pm – Speed Scholars Event. Come see this exciting programming idea from Division 24, featuring short presentations and posters by as many speakers as they can cram in! (Host, Blaine Fowers)

4 – 5 pm – New Fellows Recognition Hour. Come celebrate the new fellows of Divisions 1 and 52. (Hosts, Richard Velayo and Harold Takooshian)

5 – 6 pm – “Subject Matters in Psychology” post-symposium discussion. This will provide an opportunity to continue discussion started in the first symposium put on by the new alliance of Foundational Coalitions.  (Host, Blaine Fowers; Discussants, Andrew Winston, Harry Heft, Henderikus Stam)

6 – 7 pm – Festschrift for Eugene Taylor. Please join us to share your memories or give a give a short academic message in honor of Dr. Taylor. Some have RSVP’ed to speak, and spontaneous words will be more than welcome. Sponsored by Divisions 1, 24, & 26. (Host, Eric Charles)

7 – 9 pm – Foundational Coalition Social Hour. Come join Divisions 1, 24, 26, 32, and 39 to learn about, and celebrate, the newly formed alliance of core APA divisions. (Host, Executive Committees of the Foundational Divisions)

Friday, August 2nd

10 – 11 am – “Toppling Silos and Building Bridges”, post-symposium discussion.  This will provide an opportunity to continue discussion started in this morning’s symposium.  (Host, Sherry Hamby; Discussants, John Grych, Victoria Banyard, Carlos Cuevas)

11 am – 12 pm – “Humanistic Themes Across Subfields”, post-symposium discussion. This will provide an opportunity to continue discussion started in this morning’s symposium. (Host, Frederick Wertz; Discussants, Harry Heft, Henderikus Stam, Monica Mindt, Jushua Brown, Rachel Annunziato)

12 – 2 pm – Unifying Psychology, Lunch and Discussion. Brining together several authors from the June 1st special issue of Review of General Psychology, we invite all to come learn about the current state of integration in our field, and to explore next steps in the move towards further unification. This discussion will help form the basis for continued work building off of the special issue. (Host, Daniel Hutto, Author-Discussants, Eric Charles, Joshua Clegg, Harry Heft, Gregg Henriques, Richard Lerner, & Brent Slife.)

2 – 3 pm – Teaching History Across the Curriculum. Come learn how easy it is to add lessons from the history of psychology into you class readings and activities, and how your students can benefit. (Host, Alexandra Rutherford)

3 – 4 pm – Promoting International Collaboration. Come learn how to form and nurture international collaborations. While it is easier than ever to meet and beginning working with far away colleagues, sustaining productive collaborations still faces many of the same old challenges. For those who manage it, sustained international collaborations are tremendously rewarding, and offer incredible personal and professional opportunities. (Host, Richard Velayo)

4 – 6 pm – Engaging the Discipline discussion & Early Career Meet and Greet. Conversation with Drs. Slaney and Freeman following their symposium, and an opportunity to gather together early career faculty. (Sponsored by Division 24, Host, Kathleen Slaney, & Mark Freeman; Discussants, Brent Slife, Suzanne Kirschner, David Goodman, & Timothy Racine)

6 – 8 pm – Joint Social Hours. Divisions 1 and 24. (Hosts, Wade Pickren and Blaine Fowers)

Saturday, August 3rd

12 – 2 pm – Division 24 Executive Committee Meeting. This is a closed meeting, for members of the Division 24 Executive Committee. (Host, Blaine Fowers)

2 – 3 pm – International Pioneers Discussion. (Hosts, Grant Rich and Harold Takooshian)

3 – 4 pm – Get to Know the Ethnic Psychology Associations. Join us to learn more about several ethnic psychology associations, including the Italian American Psychology Assembly (IAPA), the Armenian Behavioral Science Association (ABSA), the Greek-American Behavioral Science Institute (GABSI), and the Iranian American Psychological Association (IAPA). (Host, Harold Takooshian)

4 – 6 pm – Award Ceremony and Recent Book Reception.  Join us to celebrate the recipients of several awards, including the Anastasi Awards and the Division 1 awards. Authors of recent books are encouraged to leave copies of their books in the suite throughout the convention, and to be present at this event to discuss their works with interested colleagues. (Hosts, Josephine Tan, Harold Takooshian, Vincent Hevern)

6 – 8 pm – Evening Reception sponsored by the Italian American Psychology Assembly. (Host, Bernardo Carducci)

Sunday, August 4th

11 am – 12 pm – “Reexamining the Influence of Video Games on Player Behavior What We Thought We Knew but Didn’t” Post-symposium discussion. This will provide an opportunity to continue discussion started in this morning’s symposium.  (Host, Christopher Ferguson; Discussants, Walter Boot, Whitney Gunter, Kevin Daly, Andrew Przbylski)

12 – 2 pm – Send off! The suite will be open for people preparing for departure until we are kicked out by the Hotel staff. (Host, Eric Charles)

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