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Friday, July 26, 2013

Unifying Psychology - RGP and APA

This month's issue of the Review of General Psychology is a special issue on Unifying Approaches to Psychology. I highly recommend it! The issue features 19 brief statements that move us towards a more unified field. Most importantly, the articles are not speculative pipe dreams; they are introductions to already existing and already productive interdisciplinary approaches also, later this week at the APA convention in Hawaii several of the authors, and anyone else who is interested, will be getting together in the Division 1 Hospitality Suite for a two-hour luncheon to discuss next-steps now that the issue is out (Friday August 2nd, from noon to 2). The ever-brilliant Daniel Hutto has generously offered to serve as host. The table of contents is:

  1. Candland, Douglas K.

  2. Charles, Eric P.
  1. Unified psychology based on three laws of information integration.
    Pages 125-132
    Anderson, Norman Henry

  2. Catania, A. Charles

  3. Charles, Eric P.

  4. Chemero, Anthony

  5. Clegg, Joshua W.

  6. Fishman, Daniel B.; Messer, Stanley B.

  7. Heft, Harry

  8. Henriques, Gregg

  9. Hutto, Daniel D.

  10. Lerner, Richard M.; Agans, Jennifer P.; DeSouza, Lisette M.; Gasca, Santiago

  11. Lickliter, Robert; Honeycutt, Hunter

  12. Marken, Richard S.; Mansell, Warren

  13. Mayer, John D.; Allen, Jayne L.

  14. Pages 203-209
    McGann, Marek; De Jaegher, Hanne; Di Paolo, Ezequiel

  15. Michel, George F.

  16. Petocz, Agnes; Mackay, Nigel

  17. Pisula, Wojciech; Turlejski, Krzysztof; Charles, Eric P.

  18. Slife, Brent D.; Christensen, Thane R.

  19. Tonneau, Fran├žois


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